The Kingdom

Hello all,

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted but I’ve been working on my next project called Mood Swings. Here’s a poem from the project called The Kingdom.


My father gave me the keys to the kingdom
And when I arrived I decided to not go inside
I rather stay with my friends on the outside
Around the most dangerous places
Is where I choose to hang
Surrounded by barbarians
Praying they don’t notice us and hang
Invested in some concealed weaponry
Walk with a nice smile or stone faced
But always ready and willing to let it bang
At night I sit on the stoop with my group
In front of the kingdom smoking until our face turns blue
I see my father and he asks for me to come inside
He tells me he’s proud but,
I can see the concern and shame in his eyes
His son was always too ready and willing to ride until he dies
Even though I can hear the choir on the inside
And I love every song, know it all by heart
I rather stay for far too long on the outside.

The Poet Q

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