Over Me

​You watch the sun rise

Just barely peaking it’s shine over the distant horizon

Was it a dream or a nightmare

Or was it reality

That filled your heart with such fright

Did it strike fear at first sight

Or something much worse

To cause those tears to burst from your eyes

The pain feels so real you admit

It was the perfect hurt

Played out like it was on a script

You can’t determine what really happened last night

Not even one distinguishable instance

But you’re covered in bruises and scars

Rocking back & forth

Screaming “so help me God”

This can’t be life

Is when you realize you went too far

On the third strike you are

Wishing for one more chance

But out of luck you seem to be

Thinking I can hear your every word

But in all reality

I lie dead next to you

While you cry over me….
The Poet Q


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