Blood On My Bow Tie

ā€‹I have blood on my bow tie

It may be my own

I can feel my nosebleed heavy

Aching pain through my body

Sitting on the steps of an empty home

In hindsight, I can’t tell what went right

But I do know what went wrong

I should have kept my mouth shut

Damn it there I go again, I talk too much

I got blood on my shoes

And blood on my knuckles

I’m light headed from blood loss

Here comes the law, I think I’m in trouble

They opted out of asking questions

I would have answered gladly

Just took the arrest

Instead they said drop the weapon

Looked up, raised hands, palms open and exposed

In my right hand bloody napkins for my nose

In my left hand a bow tie

Which resembled a weapon I suppose

“He’s got a weapon!” Shouts out the 5-O

Now I’m dead on my porch

In my Sundays best clothes….

By: The Poet Q


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