​Fading armor exposes vulnerable targets

The same way that I can see the galaxy in your eyes when you stare up at a clear nights moonshine

Even if for just a moment can you remove your armor, let your guard down

Can you do that for me, please

I won’t fancy you up with words like princess or queen

It’s a long journey so why go alone, we can meet halfway on this never-ending road

Enjoy the scenery of rolling hilltops high and the serenity of being one with nature in valleys low

No man is an island of itself, we weren’t made to take this trip alone

I’d say it be destiny or coincidence, that we met like this 

But in your fading armor I can see the things for what your heart moans

With every moment that seems oh so trivial, for the bigger picture it’s critical and pivotal

Just the way the rays of the sun may shine down on an unfinished painting exposing it’s various blemishes

Only to be touched up and curated by the artist who’s heart is truly in touch with it

I’ll provide the means for you to fortify your defenses

But when you’re with me, my selfishness wants you to be defenseless

I’m no knight in shining armor but I’ll keep you safe in my arms as long as you are willing to hold on

Even if I am a means to an end all I ask is that you don’t pretend

I don’t want to let you down so I’ll walk a thousand miles to provide the necessary things to protect and defend

At the pace you move I’m left breathless

But I am just a fool who wouldn’t want it to be any other way as long as it’s just for you

Your armor is fading and leaving crucial points of you vulnerable

So here I am reaching out to you in the only way I know how….
The Poet Q


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