We only together
When we together
Our relationship is worse
Than fans that are fair weather
We keep our distance
Just to say we’ve been thinking of each other
This love used to be intoxicating
Now our love is incarcerating
Get in arguments and go our separate ways
But your intercourse drives me back to your place
You’re losing love for me
I can see it in your eyes
But you let me in anyway
My greatest treasure is also my demise
I wish I was better for your health
As you have been for mine
Even when I hide somethings
You know the truth all the time
We used to be friends
Now we’re more like lovers
Discuss nothing but what takes place under covers
I’m sorry it all happened this way
I really wanted to be the one to love you
But my bad habits got in the way
Now we only together
When we together
I’m breaking your heart
Doing more damage when I know better….

The Poet Q


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