We ignore each other all while trying to get each others attention
I’m chasing you while you run away from me
And vice versa
You guessing that we were never meant to be
I’m guessing there’s someone better than me
You call when I’m intoxicated chasing women
I come around when you find a nice guy
So we call each other friends and forget to mention the tension
That resides between the both of us
It’s seems as if we are simulating the struggle against a gravitational pull
All while you reach out to me and I for you
Will we ever be on the same page
Maybe not if things continue this way
But I’m too prideful to admit that I find my weaknesses in your eyes
And you let the strong independent woman shell
Hide the fact that you feel safer without your disguises
When we’re in each others presence
I just want to be comfortable enough in the right moment
To tell that I want you, and that I need you
And if ever called upon I would bleed for you
Baby I got real love held hostage in my heart
And it’s only savior is that of the love of you….

The Poet Q


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