Never Would Have

If you would have told me I would be a drinker
I wouldn’t believe you
But then again I never thought I’d want anything as much as I want you
Or that I would become a killer for a bunch of fools
Or that I’d drop out of school to maintain my parents roof
Or have a body covered in tattoos
A heart covered in what seems to be one big permanent bruise
I definitely wouldn’t believe that my smile would cover up my never ending blues
That at my age all self control I still lose
I don’t want to talk to anybody
And instead of people, I rather talk to booze
Doing things I vowed I would never do
Taking chances at the flip of a dime
Saying dumb things like I’ll let fate also known as drug abuse choose
Going the wrong way down a one way
While B.B. King sings me the blues
I would have never thought this is the life I’d choose….

The Poet Q

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