No Religion Pt. 2

I’m trying to keep my faith
In the midst of my demons
Betraying my heart
As I watch it all slip away
Ridiculed for refusing religion
I just can’t stand to be categorized
I still believe there’s a God
And his image is that of me
His angels are my guardians
The ones I talk to daily
Even the ones I can’t see
I just can’t bring myself to pick a side
When we all killing for the same thing
No regard for the hypocritical establishments that be
The message was suppose to be love
But hate is the only power I see
Looked down upon by the Christians
Cause never negatively about other religions do I speak
From my mother I’m catching passive aggressive heat
Not a chance missed to throw scripture at me
Like I’m some prodigal son
Who’s destiny is to rebuke everything minus Christianity
All while I watch the world burn to ashes ever so slowly
Nobody has time to practice what they preach
No love for brothers or sisters
Too occupied screaming blasphemy
Instead of letting actions speak
No time to be a decent human being
But swearing by their holy book
It must be the only one the world needs
While I climb deeper into my studies
Standing by faith alone
There is no religion for me….

The Poet Q


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