Goodbye By The Real Shak

Before you get to the actual poem I have to say that the young woman that wrote this is an absolutely amazing person and I can say that I’m blessed to have crossed paths with her. Enjoy!

I don’t know why it’s hard to part
We’ll say goodbye and then it starts
The tears start flowing, I’m a mess
Nothing seems to make much sense

To let go means you never cared
So we say lets just be friends
My mind keeps running, I guess this is the end
What we have built I can’t defend

The memories will permenantly last
Always bringing up the nostalgic past
Forever these moments I will cherish
Never letting any of them perish

I’m thankful for all the time we had
But it’s all ending now and making me sad
One last hug before you leave
In this time I’ll start to grieve

Again goodbye, away I send
But we’ll meet again my forever friend….

Written By: The Real Shak


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