A Fool To Indulge

I would be a fool to indulge
In any mind expanding adventures
Creating an understanding in cultural diversity
That would otherwise deem my knowledge base
Utterly indescribable due to my pigmentation
And lack of work ethic and education
Due to the focus of competing at the highest of levels
With my genetically engineered physical gifts
That I should thank my ancestors master for
I should be thankful for others noticing how gifted I am for the love of a child’s game
Than I should for recognition of my brain function
Which constantly ignores the virus programmed
Through conditioning for disfunction
And thought patterns like I should thank a man like he is God
For granting me freedoms in which he had no business taking in the first place
Only to be shot down and beaten at every turn
For taking a chance at beating the dealer at his own game
When he knows the cards he has dealt me….

The Poet Q


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