Screw The System

Ignorantly I would say screw this country
Screw the system
Now all I see is people being killed that share the same skin as me
Now I’m feeling like I sold my soul to the devil
What’s next? I signed up to protect & serve not to bury
But the killers play victim and continue to walk free
“You don’t count as the ones that don’t deserve to live cause you got money”
That’s exactly what they told me
“You’re one of us now, it should be easier for you to sleep”
If they only knew my poor beginnings
What I did just to rub together a few pennies
But that’s OK I don’t seem threatening enough with proper english and a sweater vest for them to shoot me
Screw the system
And while I’m at it screw this open season on black men law enforcement society….

The Poet Q


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