A Father To Me

I watched you so closely
Guidance you never provided
I learned from your actions
A hard working man
Hardly home providing for his family
That’s the type of man I dreamt to be
As the grey on your face became a little more noticeable
I began to think of you as a little less noble
Some hurtful things said out of anger
Glasses of Hennessy sitting on the table
Always filled the room with a slight aroma of danger
A few bad days led to you walking out many nights
Left me wondering which one of your vices would be your plight
Momma was hell bent on making you the villain
I was satisfied with having a father unlike many other children
It use to be when you spoke I listened
But I never said a word so problems arise
I hated you and everybody could see it in my eyes
Put it all on the table to the point I could barely see or breath
You said “son, I’ve only done what my father taught me”
“I love you and I can’t make up for the past but I appreciate everything you’ve taught me”
Those were the best words you ever said to me
Since then you’ve been more of a friend than anything
Putting to use everything you taught me
Thanks Dad, cause I know it wasn’t easy being a Father for me….

By: The Poet Q


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