Greatest Adventure

Romance is man’s greatest adventure
I don’t mean the stereotypical
I speak of the kissing, biting, scratching, screaming, and gasping
That lose control of everything passion
Endorphin releasing addiction
That leads to our favorite fatal attraction
Lose control of bodily and mental function
Within an instance speaking deepest feelings
In the sexiest and most intimate of fashions
Now that’s what I call adventure
Exploring every heated corner of that passion
Between the sheets creating static
Not come one but come all at the same time
Struggling to breath in midst of gasping
Makes it seem as if both of us are asthmatic
Now that’s what I call adventure
So close to your heart that when distance, time, loss of feelings, an old age set you apart
Even when dementia decides to start
You can still recall that sweet name
That blessed upon you those memories
That are forever ingrained in your brain
Now that is what I call adventure….

By: The Poet Q


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