What Do You Want

Is this not what you want
A gentleman only wanting to be your gentle man
Not paying mind to all these other women
Only wanting to make your life better
Spit, kick, and look down on you never
Sticking with you through the good and bad weather
Never making a promise that I wouldn’t make true
Not being afraid to confess my love for you
Always willing to stand in the middle to meet you
Be your biggest fan with all eyes watching and cheer for you
No hesitation to tell these women I belong to you
I chase my dreams but place yours on a pedestal
Is this not what you want
A man with morals
That can put aside his pride when need be
Tell you how he feels and how much he needs thee
Or would you rather me play games
Look down on you and call you names
Throw up a wall that will never come down
Be defensive everytime my feelings you come around
Never admit a thing to you
Promise my heart but never give a thing to you
So tell me what you want
So my mind can be at peace
And I can tell you what I am able to do
And it’ll be your choice to leave
So tell me Is this not what you want….

By: The Poet Q


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