Not What You See

I am not what you see
Tattoos and scars oversized shirt
And baggy jeans
Music loud and vulgar
So like crap is how you treat me
Really I’m a college student
And serving this country
Part time job included
Trying to feed my family
Honest and well spoken
Poet and childhood musician
Uncle and Godfather
Big brother to people not related to me
I am not what you see
I am not who you think me to be
I am no thug
I am no gangster
I am just trying to put food on the table
So what if my clothes ain’t up to your standard
And I don’t walk straight
And I talk with a little southern slang
I may appear to be lazy by my expressions
But I’ve worked hard as ever to create a future for me
But I refuse to prove you wrong
So how you treat me is what you’ll get in return out of me
It’s not right but my anger gets the best of me
So I now become exactly what you think
And fall into the trap of being what you see
But I am not who you think me to be….

By: The Poet Q



  1. diggin’ this right here! powerful words souljah!
    If you don’t mind I would like to reblogged this on my blog for the Friday Night Poetry Corner. It is a really good poem.


  2. Reblogged this on kgbethlehem and commented:
    Greetings again everyone and to all my fathers out there…
    Now, Friday Night Poetry Corner is back and its #31. Tonight a power poem of appearances and thought will be present. The Poet Q wrote this great piece called “NOT WHAT YOU SEE”
    So read, enjoy, mediate over this joint and visit the poets page when you get a chance..
    Be well and enjoy the weekend.


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