At War

I remember waking up late at night
The night terrors always breakthrough
When I am at war with myself
And feel like the world I created
Is in my hands imploding
Watching everything around me
Become the very thing I hate
And this causes my heart to start exploding
Bit by bit I watch everything crumble
At a moments notice
And that feeling I just can’t shake it
Now look at the mess I made
Pushing away every person I loved
Because the responsibility of my actions
I just can’t take it
Always wanting more
But never knowing when it’s enough
Watching it all fall apart in my dreams
Is subconsciously killing me in reality
And everything my loved ones tell me
I believe is a fallacy
When I share these terrors that I’ve seen
Nobody believes me
And that alone in my reality
Is why I am at war with myself constantly….

By: The Poet Q


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