1600 Miles

At 1600 miles away I’m introduced to

Inadequacies and insecurities

That I never had the chance to meet

You say its because you can’t feel me physically

But I rather you reach me mentally

So we can reach each other spiritually

But I guess I’m asking for too much too early

Or every poem written and word said

Was disposed of immediately

And I’m not quite sure what to feel

Because I love you for so much more

And I guess I don’t reach you mentally

Or my dreams finally got the best of me

And I’m holding on desperately

To something that wasn’t meant to be

Or I let my heart runaway with me

Maybe just hoping maybe that I’m stupid

Even better would be clinically crazy

But unfortunately there’s nothing wrong with me

I’m just a fool for love and nobody hears me….

By: The Poet Q


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