American Dream

My father told me don’t rush chasing dreams

Cause you’ll get lost and see horrific things

I just wanted a few things in my American Dream

All I wanted was a dope old school coupe With my lady as my co-pilot

No driving crazy just cruising

But I got impatient and lost my way

It’s a crazy cold world and I’m sweating

Cause the reaper is coming my way

I’m broke and he telling me it’s time to pay

Told me I’m going to lose everything

And if I ever dream again

He’ll return for me the very next day

All this cause I lost my way

American dream turned in to a nightmare

And no way to undo these things….

By: The Poet Q


2 thoughts on “American Dream

  1. I enjoyed this. It reminds me of what happens to a lot of us. We chase our “american” dreams and we tend to lose our way because of it. Thanks for sharing, it really hit a home run for the way our society works.


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