Giving Something Real

Poetical justice for just us
My lover has lost faith in man
So even though I’m not ready for a fully committed relationship
I will do my best to restore her faith in what trust is
Give her something real so she can see past what lust is
Leave no doubt in her mind that healing is real and there’s no room for “what if”
Rebuild a foundation where there’s no need for the crutches
When she’s with me I want to be the one to heighten all of her senses
Lay it all out on the table to show you where my heart is
Cause honesty is best for our relationship
We both have a past that burns so this takes patience
But I’m low on time left so every second is of the essence
Baby take a deep breathe and push away the stresses
I want you to open up your heart so I can come in
Make you never forget me
As I draw you a picture of what love is….

By: The Poet Q

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