Prisoner Of Passion

I met a temptress in a blue dress

She approached me slowly

Then sensually rubbed her hands on my chest

My heart rate grew exceedingly

Tried to play it cool but as she pressed up on me

The heat in the room increased

She leaned in and like a vampire

Bit my neck on veins and pressure points

So perfectly precise it made my knees weak

Damn, how could I become her slave so easily

Lost all will to fight lust and control over emotions

The mixture of heat and passion melted ice immediately

A prisoner of pleasure to a beautiful ebony goddess

The need to escape but the want to stay

My good decisions were overridden

Her beauty and touch kept me blinded

And never were her intentions clouded

Perfectly clear from the start

It was almost as if she reached inside my chest

And directly poisoned my heart

“Lay with me, stay with me” She says

As bad as I know that I need to go

I’ll ignore the caution signs and pull her close

Welcome the warmth of her bosom

Explore parts of her being that was previously unknown

I’ve knowingly opened Pandora’s Box

Figuring it was too late to turn back I push further

She scratches the skin off my back

No attention paid to the pain

Two beings interacting in the least bit passive manner

Passion and lust expressed with dominating fashion

Only to be brought to an end in sudden climatic state

To be followed by the silence of unknown fate….

By: The Poet Q


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