Messages In A Bottle (Message 4): The Artist


I wish you saw the bigger picture
If you could see the meaning in the moments we share
The words I let spill out to you
I let it visibly separate like oil in water
But instead you rather let it settle
So I clean the “mess” of a message up
Put the cap back on and store those feelings
You tell me you think there’s meaning behind my words
But you never want the definitions of my actions and feelings
I wish you saw the bigger picture
I know it’s foolish of me to expect such things
Currently you’re living in a dream world
And I’m just another object revolving around your gravity
I think you feel something also
But I’ll keep mine hush
Until you decide true feelings to discuss
I painted on the biggest canvas the world had ever seen
But you only saw the things you wanted to see
You never saw the bigger picture
I held the world in my hands for you
Regardless of the prices I may pay for it
I decided to go out on a limb
Even told you in a perfect world things would be made right
Then told you that you provided the perfect moments that made my night
You asked what I was looking for
And the treasure in my description of the woman that fit my prescription was a picture drawn identical to you
But I guess you didn’t see the bigger picture that I drew for you
I really wish you saw the bigger picture….

By: The Poet Q


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