Messages In A Bottle (Message 2): The Alcoholic


This is alcohol induced poetry, woe is me
This addiction allows me to bleed on this paper
But the overdose of this depressant only destroys my dreams
I know it’s only causing my death to come more expeditiously
But I can’t fight the easiest way to suppress my pain
So I turn a blind eye to these things
Call it whatever you feel like, but until you understand me
Don’t call my suicidal habits a mental disorder please
I like to feel free if only for a moment
It’s still crazy but I need a release
There’s no justification for my actions
I give no excuses for the tools and methods I use for my substance abuses
Asking me to stop to save my own life is useless
My sometimes restricting surroundings lead me
To an alcoholic state that frees me mentally
Life moves a little slower in fact
It feels that if I could slow down the time I would
Have my chance to keep my life intact….

By: The Poet Q


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