Messages In A Bottle (Message 1): Gambling Man


Before you read any further

I must state that I am not a role model

Now shake’em up, shake’em up, shake’em

You could lose your life out here

The Boogie Man is real out here

He’ll reach out of the shadows and take you

Gambling man, yes I am

No worries, none at all

Cost a few friends their lives for mine

So I could remain standing tall

No conscious, none at all

But I still scrub my skin clean of their blood

Till I feel there is nothing left,

Loyalty never meant much out here, nothing at all

It’s cut throat or get your throat cut

And not one blade touched this neck

No pain felt, none at all

What I wasn’t aware of was that the house always wins

I showed up honest and loyal

But to survive the ordeal

I gambled everything away

And I left with no soul, none at all….

By: The Poet Q


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