Life and Times (Part 6): Jail Time & Court Dates

I’m in a hard place

My lawyer can’t be reached

And my career is in the balance

Facing possible jail time and multiple court dates

My godchild was just born and I haven’t seen her face

If I get locked up I’ll be a failure to my family, another disgrace

This is the only time I wish I could rewind and be in some other time and place

My nightmares have given chase and I can’t seem to look my fears in the face

Visions of that gavel slamming and those cell doors closing

Got me praying for a guardian angel cause I’m losing focus

I hate the feeling of my life in another’s hands, I’m hopeless

Terrified of what the future holds so in the present I become overly conscious

Drinking more than usual and sometimes to the point of unconsciousness

The alcohol isn’t working anymore and I’m running out of time

I still haven’t seen my godchild’s face and my niece is on the way

Losing hope in the face of jail time and court dates….

By: The Poet Q


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