Life and Times (Part 5): Love Letter

Hey Love,

I have a few words I want to write to you
It maybe complicated to explain
But the last two years without you
Made me realize I want to spend my life with you
All these other women come around
But none of them compare to you
I would go as far as conquering the world
But only if I could share it with you
Remembering your beautiful eyes
Makes me miss waking up to you
I miss the late night strolls
And enjoyed the nights we would fight
Only to make love the moment I returned home
See even the hard times with you
Are better than life without you
We should forget the past
And put it all behind us so I can live my life with you
All the ups & downs we been through it
You told me it was nothing but a word unless it had feeling to it
So every word on this paper I dedicate it like my heart is attached to it….

Truly Yours

By: The Poet Q


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