Life and Times (Part 4): Moonshine Dreams


Is this thing on *taps mic*
Can I get a spotlight please, thank you
Now ladies and gentlemen direct your attention to me
I’d like to say thank you for your attendance
And welcome to my moonshine dreams
See this mason jar I hold in my hands
It’s the gateway to the good times I’ve lived
Even as we speak and I take a drink
I’m picturing myself and the woman I love
Way out on the country side and everything is perfectly alright
I wish I could live in those dreams
But I am only privileged to such things in the moonlight
The dream of a good friend before he lost his life
Watching me and my brother growing up in third person
I’m so in love with these dreams I get sick when I’m sober
These moonshine dreams have been wonderful to me
And there’s plenty more but I’m pressed for time
So thank you for listening to a few dreams
Brought to you by moonshine….

The Poet Q


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