Life and Times (part 2)

No disrespect but I’m more apt to fall in your pants than to fall in love with you. You’re a respectable woman with a good attitude. But I’ll probably get what I want from you cause of my aptitude to tell you the harsh truth with a smile on my face and no traces of ever being rude. I’ll make you curious by inferring but never saying that you’re a prude. There’s no way to detect my mischievous because this is just what I do. Some may say I’m cruel but I’ll blame it on the fact that you was attracted to my cool…. calm & collective personality. And the ability to tell you everything you want to hear without ever whispering a fallacy. I’ll dare you to get mad at me then break you of your will by making love to you so passionately. I’ll treat you wrong then take you to paradise. Make you feel the thrill of loving me. Got you confused but you’re not capable of feeling anything but to be in love with me. I tell you all your little secrets will die with me, so now you give all your trust to me. You’ll tell me you love me but I’ll never say it back I rather leave you in suspense. And give you no chance at coming back from what I’m about to do next….

By: The Poet Q


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