Screw The System

Ignorantly I would say screw this country
Screw the system
Now all I see is people being killed that share the same skin as me
Now I’m feeling like I sold my soul to the devil
What’s next? I signed up to protect & serve not to bury
But the killers play victim and continue to walk free
“You don’t count as the ones that don’t deserve to live cause you got money”
That’s exactly what they told me
“You’re one of us now, it should be easier for you to sleep”
If they only knew my poor beginnings
What I did just to rub together a few pennies
But that’s OK I don’t seem threatening enough with proper english and a sweater vest for them to shoot me
Screw the system
And while I’m at it screw this open season on black men law enforcement society….

The Poet Q


She so materialistic
An opportunist of sorts
Better keep a vest on your chest
Because when she speaks
Her words target your soul like a 5.56 mm ballistic
Shoots for your heart every time
Invoking slight mind control
Even when she misses
Using you to get what she wants
The goods she’s got she wants you to know
There’s nothing about her that’s kept secret
It’s way too late by the time you peep it
April fools is everyday for you group of fools that she continues to play
Using her beauty and her booty as a weapon
If you ain’t learned nothing your whole life, when she get to you
You gonna learn the hard way
Destroying her worth for things of momentary worth
Cause the world taught her to use sex as a weapon to obtain the finer things
She so damn materialistic….

The Poet Q


No calls or messages
Nobody got problems
So I collect dust like a bible on the shelf of an atheist
Who once believed in some distant past
Now venturing out into the world trying to forget their past
Once respected and feared and more trendy than men with beards
So full with knowledge but left feeling so empty
Nobody wants help, and nobody to help me
Left all alone looking for some answers from within
Prying my soul open through unmastered jazz instrumentals
Like is this the life cycle of the minstrel
Where I’m too afraid to talk cause of the belief my problems are so miniscule
In a world where the ones that matter ain’t the ones that built you up
But those that saw you at the top
And requested you to pay for them picking you up….

By: The Poet Q

Black Man Barely Breathing

I woke up late
Took a deep refreshing breath
With my ancestors blood I wash my face
I must be a disgrace to my fore fathers
When I rejoice only for a month
When Black history is made everyday
But ignorance will not render me innocent
Cause I am not alive
I’m just a black man barely breathing
No shackles on wrist and ankle
But chained is my mind to gun play and crime
Doing what I’m told
Fulfilling the stereotype one day at a time
Raise my fist for black power
When I am the epitome for black enslavement
I am the “Man’s” pusher man
And for my people I’m breathing to enslave them….

By: The Poet Q

Anyone To Love

Is there anyone to love
It’s been too long since I’ve loved
Surrounded by all these people
And there’s no one for me to love
Missing a warm body to hold
Feelings and thoughts to attach to one’s soul
Is there anyone for me to love
It’s been too long since I’ve loved….

By: The Poet Q


You are battered and bruised
Such a beautiful soul
Who dare do this to you
The world can be harsh some times
And shelter from those storms I can provide
Lean on my shoulder if you must and cry
Never feel like you have to travel alone
It’s such a harsh path to venture
Especially this far from home
I’ll provide the shelter so you can rest
Take the weight from your shoulders it’s taking a toll
Let peace help heal your soul
You haven’t slept in days
You’re safe here so please get some sleep
I’ll keep the wolves away you won’t hear a thing
Just remember if ever need be
I’ll be your shelter from this harsh world
A place you can find peace….

By: The Poet Q

Driving Myself Wild

Don’t you remember that window seat love
Driving myself wild falling in and out of love
Personality changing avoiding questions that require one to tap into emotions
Just going with the flow of the ocean
Closing my eyes to focus on the waves crashing around me
It feels mighty good to be this romantically hopeless
Can’t recall what inspired me to dabble in anti accompanied by depressants
But the mellow fluorescent lights are quite pleasant
No strings attached allows a reckless lifestyle with no stresses
Throwing away my curses and blessings
Just to escape what once was that window seat love
Cause I’m just driving myself wild if I continue to fall in and out of love….