The Routine by The Poet Q on SoundCloud

My latest spoken word project. The Routine shines light on the revolving door we seem to be stuck in. From Trayvon Martin to Micheal Brown and all the other victims of police brutality that we never hear about. We scream for justice but fall back into the same routine after a few weeks or months or whatever the time period might be, yet the problem still lingers and we fail time after time to bring solutions to the table and be the difference instead of screaming, yelling, protesting, and rioting about what’s wrong. History will continue to repeat itself if we continue to fail to learn from it.


Forever never lasts that long
Thinking about the past
Wishing for a true forever can’t be wrong
Needing more than memories attached to once favorite love songs
Starry nights laying on the beach
Out to the heavens we use to reach
Wishing I could live in that forever
But forever never lasts that long
Maybe in the moment it’s picture perfect
Touching the soul like something on Sundays the pastor would preach
Forgetting to smile about once promises of forever
Cause forever wasn’t meant and never came to be
To focused on what could have, would have, or should have been done differently
To enjoy those moments that made forever more than just a sweet plausibility
So forever never lasts that long
Neither does the feelings in once favorite love songs
So forever only lasts forever in our memories….

By: The Poet Q

Let’s Just Face It

Lets just face it
The same as my words my education is basic
No ambitions, just a bird that’s flightless
Consistently intoxicated addicted to poisonous sensations
Lets just face it
On the outside looking in it looks amazing
But really I’m just good at pretending
A witty asshole stands perfect defenses
Lets just face it
As I navigate life effortlessly
I’m lost in an ocean of mixed drinks and feelings
Hoping that somebody would come save me
Lets just face it
For myself I hold no pity
And much less responsibility
Laughing at death knocking at my door
Staring out into the open wishing
That when I look at my reflection
I could just face the facts
And be at peace with the lack of good decisions….

By: The Poet Q

A Father To Me

I watched you so closely
Guidance you never provided
I learned from your actions
A hard working man
Hardly home providing for his family
That’s the type of man I dreamt to be
As the grey on your face became a little more noticeable
I began to think of you as a little less noble
Some hurtful things said out of anger
Glasses of Hennessy sitting on the table
Always filled the room with a slight aroma of danger
A few bad days led to you walking out many nights
Left me wondering which one of your vices would be your plight
Momma was hell bent on making you the villain
I was satisfied with having a father unlike many other children
It use to be when you spoke I listened
But I never said a word so problems arise
I hated you and everybody could see it in my eyes
Put it all on the table to the point I could barely see or breath
You said “son, I’ve only done what my father taught me”
“I love you and I can’t make up for the past but I appreciate everything you’ve taught me”
Those were the best words you ever said to me
Since then you’ve been more of a friend than anything
Putting to use everything you taught me
Thanks Dad, cause I know it wasn’t easy being a Father for me….

By: The Poet Q

Late Night Drive

Late night drive to clear my mind
Late night thoughts tear apart my mind
Lights from the city’s most extravagant sites
Reflect some type of life in my eyes
Turning the music on and up
To push everything aside
One moment of clarity given to my restlessness
Then thoughts of how she feels enters my mind
Every moment we laid together
Yes every single time
It was the best I’ll ever have
Every time I crept inside
The passion heated up even the coldest room
Yes it felt like home every time
Even I can’t escape thoughts of her
During this late night drive
Missing her love it kept me feeling alive
Even the music speaks her name
It sounds so sweet to me even now
I fell in love with her all over again
On a late night drive to clear my mind….

By: The Poet Q

Greatest Adventure

Romance is man’s greatest adventure
I don’t mean the stereotypical
I speak of the kissing, biting, scratching, screaming, and gasping
That lose control of everything passion
Endorphin releasing addiction
That leads to our favorite fatal attraction
Lose control of bodily and mental function
Within an instance speaking deepest feelings
In the sexiest and most intimate of fashions
Now that’s what I call adventure
Exploring every heated corner of that passion
Between the sheets creating static
Not come one but come all at the same time
Struggling to breath in midst of gasping
Makes it seem as if both of us are asthmatic
Now that’s what I call adventure
So close to your heart that when distance, time, loss of feelings, an old age set you apart
Even when dementia decides to start
You can still recall that sweet name
That blessed upon you those memories
That are forever ingrained in your brain
Now that is what I call adventure….

By: The Poet Q